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GNK (Georges N. Khoriaty) Foundation is a Lebanese non-profit nongovernmental organization established in January 2006 following the death of the 16 year old Georges Nassim Khoriaty in a car accident on November 11, 2005 in Amioun, El-Koura North Lebanon.

Because national and global surveys have shown that the two leading causes for deaths among children and the youth are road accidents and health related issues, GNK Foundation has taken the initiative early on of calling on the community to take urgent action to stop the tragedy of hundreds of preventable deaths and injuries on the unsafe Lebanese roads and to promote health delivery and awareness in Lebanon.

Promoting optimal and free health care delivery and awareness
Promoting road safety amongst the Lebanese youth

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GNK Foundation’s objectives stem from the two major reasons behind deaths and disabilities in children and adolescents: health problems and car accidents.
Since its conception, GNK Foundation has channeled its potential into two major sections: Health and Road safety.
GNK Foundation’s achievements in the Health Section started in the year 2006 and were the outcome of a sacred humanitarian mission that will never digress from its charitable and benevolent nature.
In 2014 and after eight years of monumental and continuous health achievements, GNK Foundation decided to build a Traffic Academy which targets the Lebanese children and adolescents and delivers a curriculum that educates these age groups about road safety instilling in them a sense of awareness that they will later internalize and utilize in their lives.

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Childhood Blood Diseases and Cancer Program

This program is divided into four major sections:
In the year 2012 and in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, GNK Foundation initiated and funded a neonatal screening campaign for inherited hemoglobin disorders entitled: “ Save a Life with a Drop of Blood”. This campaign provided early screening for more than 10,000 newborns in all Lebanese public hospitals. All affected newborns are enrolled in the GNK sickle cell diseasecomprehensive program where they receive free medical care and where their families are offered free genetic counseling.
This program, initiated in the year 2008, currently offers free comprehensive care to 650 children with cancer and catastrophic blood disorders like sickle cell disease, other inherited anemias, bleeding and thrombotic disorders and immune deficiencies. Care is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated and expert medical and health specialists. All affected children receive free treatment including outpatient consultations, hospitalizations, medications, laboratory and imaging studies as well as psychosocial support to them and their families. Noteworthy, the annual cost of treating a child with cancer is around $50,000, and for one child with a catastrophic blood disorder ranges from $30,000 – $40,000.
Starting the year 2012, GNK Foundation started an awareness campaign about sickle cell disease and its prevention “Know about it before it knows about it” in Lebanese schools and universities and in areas where this disease is commonly found. GNK Foundation plans to target a different catastrophic blood disease every 5 years.
The main objective of mobile clinics is to offer free screening for common and preventable diseases including high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and visual problems amongst the Lebanese population. These clinics functioned in highly crowded areas in major Lebanese cities between 2012 and 2015.

Road Safety Awareness Campaigns

This campaign targeted the Lebanese public through slogans on billboards on major city highways, towns and villages, and through media appearances. Road safety awareness sessions were also delivered in universities and schools.
The second road safety awareness campaign initiated in 2014 and entitled: Don’t gamble with your life, think before crossing the road” targeted adolescents and young adult pedestrians in night clubs and restaurants.

GNK Traffic Academy

This stellar educational facility, located in Kfarhazir, El Koura, close to the death path of Georges was initiated in 2014 and finalized in 2016. It is dedicated to reducing crashes, deaths and disabling injuries on our nation’s highways by promoting safe driving behavior through fostering a responsible attitude towards drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety.
GNK Traffic Academy will instill ethics and rules of safe driving in Lebanese children and young adolescents by educating them about in-car and pedestrian safety measures through an accredited integrated and interactive E-learning and simulator based curriculum. This pioneering project was rendered possible with the hard work of several educators, an expert IT group and a curriculum certification team. GNK Foundation utilized valuable family resources as the main premises of the Academy.

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